The National College of Physicians (NCP) was founded in 1983 by a small group of physicians who shared a commitment to medicine to advocate for physicians and improve the quality of life for all patients. For over 35 years, the NCP has been serving physicians across the country, in all specialties. The National College of Physicians provides for the well-being of physicians, residents, fellows and academia. The NCP a national organization of multi-specialty physicians who apply scientific knowledge, clinical research and technical expertise to the study, diagnosis, and treatment, with compassionate care of patients across the spectrum of health.

PPAC’s goal is to strengthen the constituency for progressive medicine in the nation through direct engagement with advocacy, political, regulatory and legislative bodies.  More broadly, PPAC seeks to affect positive change through education and action related to medical issues impacting the medical profession and our physicians.

Within the PPAC, we provide a forum for practitioners to voice opinions and exchange ideas.  One of the purposes of PPAC is to strengthen the constituency for progressive medicine throughout our states, cities and rural areas.

Current Initiatives:

Scope of Problems
Testing and Evaluating Technology
Weighing Positive Results vs. Adverse Reactions
Recommending and Publishing Findings
Providing Technical Guidance and Support
Providing Funding for Utilization

Affordable Care Act
Health Information Technology
Clinical Quality and Payment
Accountable Care
Billing and Coding
Practice Operations

Scope of Practice

Special Populations
Woman’s Health Care
Diversity Care
Rural Health
Public Health

Public Health
Infectious Diseases
Behavioral Health

For more than 35 years NCP has been advocating physician’s most pressing issues in the White House and Congress. Today more than ever, our members are leading change in federal, state and local governments, advocating for policies that will shape decisions and encourage legislation that will secure the provision of health care for all patients. NCP also serves as a strong voice for physicians. We fight for the health & well being of all physicians.